Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just over 0.8 of a mile later

After a wakeful night when the Oxford to Banbury Road was used as a race track we were on the move as the sun came up!

The sun rises over Gunpowder Wharf on the South Oxford Canal
All because John had a date with some sticks and little white balls! But we HAD to move, despite all our protestations we have the dreaded "plans"! These will unfold here in the next few weeks before your eyes ( I hope).

So it was goodbye to Sparrowgap, the Jolly Boatman, and Thrupp Canal Cottages.

The Jolly Boatman beside Sparrowgap Bridge

We hope we did not wake Dave as we passed - that is an impressive pole you have! No problem with TV or internet for you!

We filled and emptied at Thrupp Wharf - there is a good book exchange/donation there with a wide selection of books. My book shelf is much emptier now! It was a glorious morning, although we had one or two rain showers as we used the facilities. The tap here is very slow - apparently the pipe bore is too small!

Thrupp Canal Cottages

Thrupp Cruising Club moorings at Thrupp Wide extend almost to Shipton on Cherwell. There are towpath moorings just before and after the bend. We found ours waiting for us just after the bend, near enough to the bridge for a quick walk to John's taxi!

Epiphany moored at Shipton on Cherwell
A small tributary of the Cherwell is beside us - you can see it is flooded, but we have a lovely view from our side doors and Shipton Church looked lovely in the sunshine.

Towpath and flooding below

Shipton Church over moorings

So I await the return of the golfer - glad or sad according to his score! Meanwhile I do the jobs! The North Yorkshire Waterways Richlow Guide I am writing is coming together nicely, but I shall be spending my afternoon over a hot laptop, me thinks!

South Oxford Canal, Gunpowder Wharf to Shipton on Cherwell
1 hour 18 minutes, 0.88 miles, 0 locks

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