Friday, January 21, 2011

Me, my shadow, and eye

A glorious sunny day calls for a long walk, a camera and a good eye. Thrupp Community Woodland is a great place to wander in - alongside the River Cherwell and bordered by fields, the South Oxford Canal and the railway.
Across the fields to Thrupp cottages and the canal

The Cherwell was in full flow, but not excessively high and in the distance was Hampton Gay Church:

The planes from Oxford Airport were making the most of the clear sky, but the cirrus clouds were gathering so maybe bad weather is on the way?

The Cherwell bends away from the path and after exploring the "rough" to avoid large puddles that cut the path in two - wellies really should have been worn - a detour across fields led to nowhere! Returning with me, my shadow and I, a path runs along the railway and it was worth the wait for this:

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