Sunday, January 23, 2011


Saying goodbye to friends is never the happiest time - but we have had a great time with them here at Thrupp. Ahh, I hear you saying, Epiphany has moved again. Wrong! Today we said goodbye to Milly M - with Maffi on the back and Molly on the roof.

Maffi on Milly M
Narrowboat Bones moved yesterday too, so another "goodbye". Well yes, we have done "the biggest boat move in the world", to quote Bones on Bones. I suspect a note of sarcasm, because Maffi kindly said we could move onto his space. Which meant we pulled the pins and stern hauled Epiphany back - all of 80 feet or so! Now I can get on and off without a hand from John, previously the bows had to be used and a jump on to the low bit of the bank.

Our mooring until today
We are so looking forward to moving too - on Tuesday we hope. By then we will need water and a "pooh pot" empty!

To add to the pleasure of today we had a quick visit from Dave Parry, another local boater; saw one of our fav cities Lancaster on TV (lots about the history as well as jolly hymns! see BBC iplayer - and Countryfile is from the Quantocks in Somerset (one of our old stamping grounds).

Lancaster views - top, Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park, middle, Lune Aqueduct from River Lune and bottom, crossing the Lune Aqueduct in June 2009. The aqueduct has been awarded some Lottery money for "enhancement" and BW are working on maintenance January to March this year. I think it may look a little different next time we visit.

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