Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another long day, but worth it

"What a grey day"! Cold too - I had to put my thermal leggings back on as I had put them away thinking that spring was here!

Our aim today was Napton and before we set out two other narrowboats had passed us - there went the set locks at Napton! The old low rickety footbridge after Bridge 132 has been replaced and named The Wedding Bridge (above) - why is it named so?

The Wedding Bridge, MMIX
Here is the old bridge - a definite improvement!

After a long cruise when we could see where we were going and where we had been, thanks to Mr Brindley and his lovely contour canal, we eventually arrived at Marston Doles. Sadly not a good day for photos but I got my camera out again as we went down the Napton Locks from the summit.

The two Marston Doles Locks are set apart and are followed by a long pound. The Old Engine House Arm leaves just above Napton Adkin's Lock (14). A few familiar narrowboats moor here - nb Tia, nb Harnser to "name drop" two!

Lock and nb Harnser ahead, Engine Arm to right

We were being closely followed by a single-hander, one of the narrowboats that passed us, and then we passed him moored for lunch!

A look behind!

Ahead was an ex Ownerships boat and it was remarkable that we should all be at Napton at the same time - we only saw one other boat on the move!

Waiting under Bridge 114 for Lock 9 to fill

The sun tried its hardest as we approached the bottom lock - the windmill just caught a few rays and once through the bottom lock we were headed for The Bridge at Napton. "The Bridge" is a pub - there are a couple of bridges over the canal as it winds past Napton Hill.

The Bridge at Napton

Wonderful - we found a mooring right at the end of the 14 day moorings outside The Bridge - a lovely view and quieter away from the busy A425. However it is just a hop and skip to the pub - an advantage as you will see later!

Old Town Bridge to Napton A425 Bridge
4 hours 38 minutes, 9.45 miles, 9 locks

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