Friday, February 11, 2011

The necessities of life afloat

It turned into a lovely afternoon so we were glad that we decided to "go for it" - that is to empty, fill and throw. All done at Cropredy Wharf. These necessities of life afloat done and the further need of automotive power we carried on north towards a diesel supply.

In Cropredy Lock

By the time we arrived at the Claydon flight of locks the sun was shining and John had begun to strip off! Shirtsleeves in February - English weather!

In Claydon Bottom Lock

I was not having a good day (tiredness has caught up with me) - but the sun cheered me up as we rose through the 5 locks. We met a narrowboat coming down as I left Lock 20 - we avoided each other on the bend - it can be a little awkward to pass in the pound if boats meet here. The two women helmsmen coped very well! (of course, ed.)
Getting into Claydon Middle Lock requires a wee bit of concentration as the bridge below is very narrow. Our narrowboat roof profile is fairly wide and I had to watch the red rails which missed the bridge by an inch! Then it was the chimney on the lock gate walkway!

Lock jaws at Claydon Middle Lock
But not a scrape - unlike other boats who left their mark! Once in, John posed against the small "shed" - the canal ahead looked lovely.

There is a large sweep around to Lock 18 and I took the outside of the bend to take this, you can see the buildings beside the top lock too.

We had almost lost the sun - the top lock reflections are deceptive, but it makes a pretty picture with the old canal buildings now a residence.

Looking back I hoped that this cloud was not chasing us, however our planned mooring was just around the corner.

Just past the bridge above the lock are rings and a very quiet rural mooring - just right and about half an hour to Fenny Compton and diesel! We now have an appointment for coffee with Gill and Geoff (nb Petroc) at Fenny Wharf. They have been up to Petroc for the BSS - no doubt we will be comparing notes about our summer cruising this year!

Look what we have on the roof - Spring!

Cropredy to Claydon Top Bridge
3 hours 5 minutes, 2.98 miles, 9 locks

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