Sunday, February 20, 2011

What do boaters talk about when they get together?

It only takes a short while before the subject of toilets come up! Problems with BW sani-stations, pump out cards, blocked elsan points, broken pump outs, cassette versus pump out, uric acid crystals etc ....

Knowing this, I was amused and challenged by an article I have just read in the Oxford Diocese "the Door" newspaper. The Bishop of Oxford, Rt Rev John Pritchard has "twinned his toilet". Toilet Twinning is a charity which helps provide sanitation to poor communities in Burundi. 40% of the world's population do not have anywhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the loo.

What a great idea for boaters! We grumble enough about the problems - it is about time we realised how fortunate we are.

Narrowboat Epiphany's cassette toilet in our safe, clean and hygienic bathroom
We have put our money where our mouth is and our cassette toilet is now twinned. Eventually we will receive a photo and GPS location so we can display "our twin" in our loo! Meanwhile we can see the approximate location.

Approx location of our "twinned" loo

So I ask you, nay challenge you, boaters and non-boating readers to do the same. How about the boating community taking this up as a charity and spreading the word!

I shall give you the link to the website again - clickety click. Have a look, there are some amazing facts and also some fun stuff too that may persuade you better than I! I won't spoil the fun stuff, but it is worth a look!

P.S. Please let us know when you do have a "twin" - it would be great to have a list of them on our blog/website (which is now being worked on).


  1. I shall follow suit - and it's given me an idea...

  2. What is a cassette toilet?

  3. Just looked up "cassette toilet." Good idea and attractive.
    Here are other toilet possibilities for boats:


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