Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cropredy - I love it

I mentioned that I wandered off once we had moored up yesterday, I ended up having a bit of a walking tour around Cropredy village. The sun lit up the mellow Oxfordshire brick cottages and some of the well photographed places. This is the story my camera told.

Cropredy Wharf and Wharf Bridge from south

Beyond the bridge is the canoe club and wharf. The wharf and buildings were to be part of BWs sale of assets. The club is now half way to its target of £130,000 to enable them to buy the wharf. clickety click for more

In the heart of the village are some lovely thatched cottages and the Brasenose Arms - well known as an "off-field" site for musical sessions during Fairport's Cropredy Convention.

St Mary's Church is a short walk from the canal. The tower can be seen from all over the village. Fairport's latest album, Festival Bell, is inspired by the church and the track with the same name is a reminder of Fairport's part in the fundraising for new bells, indeed one of them is named "The Festival Bell".

The Red Lion snuggles amongst more lovely mellow cottages and Red Lion Street leads down to Cropredy Lock Bridge.

Cropredy Lock and cottage will be part of our next cruise in a couple of days time - it looked as if it was waiting for us!

I walked back via the canal towards Cropredy Wharf Bridge again, the sun was going down now and everything was in shadow.

I didn't forget to buy the cake - coffee and walnut, (yummy)

The Bridge Store and post office beyond in Canalside House (The Perfect Present shop)

We tasted it today when Chris and Malcolm Richardson visited to discuss my North Yorkshire Waterways Richlow Guide. I now have a printed draft and it won't be long before it is ready for printing - and buying. I will let you know so you can get your copy! Click here for other titles if you are planning your summer cruise!

More about Cropredy on the village website - clickety click

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