Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Curiosities on the way to Cropredy

Just to amuse, possibly inform, here are a few more photos taken on our trip yesterday.

I wish I could sleep, let alone doze by a busy main road. These donkeys are beside the busy A423 Banbury to Southam Road.

Once upon a time our farmers worked on strips of land - these ridges are the reminders of our farming history that never go away . How things have changed with the invention of machinery!

This one is for you Maffi! This pile of ash is one of a few at some lovely moorings just before Cropredy Mill Bridge!

I hope this one is someone's warped sense of humour. It is not a good idea to empty a "poo pot" into a sluice. This sluice empties into the River Cherwell.

"Bude" is a lovely "conversion" and the elum and rudder are just crying out for some trad decorations. She is moored Cropredy side of the Mill Bridge on the long term moorings.

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