Sunday, February 13, 2011

Narrowboat cupboards

Like many liveaboards we have a "larder". In our case it is full of tins, staple ingredients for meals, cakes, booze and other "odd" items. The trouble is unlike tins, certain packets and ingredients have a "use by date".

Sometimes things get pushed to the back, put in containers and forgotten or just observed as being there but not used up!

As I began thinking about and preparing our dinner/supper/evening meal I decided to use up some biscuits, the raspberries in the freezer and ....

A packet of quickgel that had a best before date of April 2008!

In all its glory on our galaxy marble worktop
Now the flan looks good, but I am glad we have no visitors for the meal - we both just might be suffering tomorrow. I will let you know if we are Ok, so you too can leave your quickgel packets to mature before using them!

Fi's raspberry flan

(and if you don't hear from us? ed.)


  1. 2008 pah amateurs I have stuff on my boat that Noah left behind.

  2. I gave my husband, with his knowledge of course, a yogurt 4 or 5 months out of date recently, needless to say he was fine. We consider it good sport to find and use out of date foods. Plenty of fun to be had in my larder!!!
    Lisa (Bad housewife)


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