Monday, February 21, 2011

What rain?

We left Napton in the rain - reversing and winding by The Bridge at Napton pub. Rain does not really bother us as we just get out our waterproof jackets and trousers, but it was a little cold so I was back to my winter layers!

The Napton Hill field ponies had acquired some mates. A few geese, a couple of cows and perhaps a more unusual resident, who raised its head to watch us pass.

All the others were busy grazing, ignoring each other and barely acknowledged our passing.

The rain came and went during the day and we saw very few boats moving, even in half term. A hire boat left from just north of us fairly early and went south (then east, west, north, west and south as you do around Wormleighton!) Ascending the Napton 9 locks, we met a small cruiser and a narrowboat coming down. John manfully stood at the tiller throughout most of the summit pound. Down below, I had difficulty staying awake in front of the fire. Our busy weekend has caught up with me!

A "cheat" photo!

The light was beginning to go by the time we moored up - a very long day! We are in the same place that John moored way back on the last day of September when he was waiting for me to return to Epiphany after my spell in hospital.

So John can now play golf tomorrow, weather permitting, as this is a "country mooring" but by a road bridge for his "taxi" to pick him up!

Napton to Hay Bridge
6 hours 23 minutes, 13.42 miles, 9 locks

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