Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A day of rest? My foot!

Just a quick blog today! It is supposed to be a "rest day" for me - a quiet day whilst John is off hitting little white balls around a big park!

This is not my foot, but spotted at the Winter Folk Festival at the weekend. Someone may recognise it! Maybe the knees too!

Ha! "day of rest" did I say? So far today I have -
Put away last nights washing up
Folded and put away the dried washing
Made a loaf of bread
Read and answered emails
Made a lamb stew for tonight
Checked the mooring ropes - we are listing, on a shelf and the summit pound has gone down. Come on Wormleighton reservoir fill it up again!

And now I am writing this before doing some more to the Richlow Guide to the North Yorkshire Waterways - only tidying up and the maps (created by the "low" part of the company, John Lower) to finalise.


  1. Did you phone BW to let them know of the problem?

  2. @ Maffi. No we did not, perhaps we should have. It is all because of the leaky gates we spotted on our way down today we reckon!


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