Thursday, February 03, 2011

Don't come looking for us!

You will not find us where we were last night.... we have moved! John turned into a horse and I became the "tail" as we bow hauled Epiphany about 50 yards north, away from the General Foods Club to avoid a noisy Friday night! It can be noisy on Saturdays too and we have lacked sleep in the past when we have been near!

So back to last night which, once again was a late one for me (that's two nights in a row, not conducive to a good mood first thing!). The Folk Club meets in the Mill Arts Centre. It was a brilliant evening and we met up with eeyore there, regulars at the club.
Here are the stars of the evening:

The lady "in the way" was sketching the artists all evening. I wonder what happens to her drawings. Me, I prefer photography ....
Tom Leary in full flow on his fiddle

P J Wright singing his heart out as he accompanies himself on his guitar.

What talent they both have and the encore was so good - you should have been there!

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