Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rock and Roll

57 mph? That is what they forecast as the wind speed. It certainly felt like it last night. As I lay in bed I could easily imagine I was on the high seas, rounding the Cape, crossing the Atlantic, tossing in a fishing boat on the North Sea!

But no  - this was Banbury, on a narrowboat, surrounded by buildings and fortunately no trees.

Our bow view on a sunnier day, taken way back in 2002!
I see from narrowboatworld this morning that they have had a problem with a tree. A fallen tree on the canal could take a while to clear, it may have a conservation order on it and BW have to get permission to remove it.

Rainy Banbury Canal Day, far less narrowboats today!
So batten down the hatches, remove satellite dishes ( I did, we did not want to lose another one), weight or tie down the things in your attic (i.e. on the roof), check you mooring ropes, check any covers and hoods and most importantly, if you are moored under a tree - move.

P.S. In the above photo is nb Tia. Graham Phillips is a canal trader selling "Environmentally Responsible Products" from Tia. Keep a look out for him on your travels.

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