Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summit pound water level

Well here we are, cheerfully listing and wondering how much further the water level will drop on the summit pound of the South Oxford Canal. The 11 miles actually only cover 5 miles between the two ponts - Marston Doles (Lock 16 and Claydon Top Lock 17), but James Brindley went wandering again!

The opposite bank

Close up of water level drop on piling

It has been a busy day for narrowboats. Hire boats and privateers have passed. About the same number of narrowboats came from ascending Claydon Locks as those who would be going to descend Napton Locks.

Bow view showing canal ahead towards Claydon Locks
Close up of bank - the water covered to half way up the third row of stones yesterday

The level has dropped about 6 inches - I just hope we will not be at a more acute angle when we awake tomorrow! We need more water coming from here!

Feeder Bridge - Wormleighton Reservoir


  1. Hope you soon get to the end of your list!

  2. I loved your words for narrowboat! It'd be great to see your final destination. Some people use narrowboat for enjoying and some use it for passion but in both case they collect beautiful moments in their lives.

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