Friday, July 18, 2008

Avoncliffe To Seend

8.02 miles, 4h56m, Locks:5 Bridges:15, 2.64 lock/mph

After our evening out last night I had a bit of a lie-in this morning! Too much red wine I think!

We set off mid morning and it was really slow going! This is the worst stretch for moored boats I think. We locked through Bradford lock (14) eventually after waiting for the boat in front of us and then a very slow day boat to come down. We had the company of a couple on a small boat - he was Spanish or Italian and they had been living on it for a year.

Then it was Bradford Marina - again lots of boats! Hilperton Hire base was full of boats - a lot to turn around for tomorrow? I think it is good that we will be well past. Although there were still Alvechurch boats coming down the locks at Seend this evening!

Semington swing bridge (161) is still chained back and will be for about 6 months for repairs. Just before Semington bridge we passed a boat named Lark Rise, John asked where To Candleford was!

As we waited for a boat to come down the lock John took some photos of the end/beginning of the Wilts and Berks canal.

When this is restored as you reach the junction there will be the choice of right towards Bath.

Or left into Buckley's lock and towards Caen Hill.

I wonder how soon that will be? Lark Rise joined us for the locks up to Seend Lock 18. As they had a bike aboard they swing bridge "wheeled" (3 bridges) and lock wheeled and I caught up at my own sedated pace to help!

They are thinking of having a new boat built and rather liked Epiphany! So we told them our experiences and why we settled on Bath Narrowboats as our fitters. As we decided to moor in the pound between 18 and 19 they did not get a guided tour of Epiphany but I told them to look at the website for the build and interior!

So we are moored here for the night, will water up and then continue up to Sells Green to pick up some "crew", another couple of friends who will be with us until Tuesday - Caen Hill here we come!

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  1. Yes, we have done the 'electronic tour' now, and rather splendid it all looks. It'll be a couple of years before we can get at our pensions, but Bath Narrowboats might well be in the frame for the 'Candleford' project. Their people at Sydney Gardens have always been most helpful when we've had occasion to call there.

    Great to share locks and bridges with you. We got to Great Bedwyn by yesterday [Monday] evening and if you get that far in the next 10 days or so you will find Lark Rise just beyond the 48hr moorings. Hope your trip continues to be enjoyable and problem free.

    Baz + Lynne - now back at work :-(


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