Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Rain drops are fallin' on our boat, there are huge puddles on the tow path and the trees are drip drip dripping!

It has rained all day! Not just rain but huge drops of heavy rain! The road gutters cannot cope with the amount of rain and run off from the fields! It was predicted that Wiltshire would have 1 inch of rain today, I am sure it has been much more. Hopefully this will get it over and done with before we pull the pins for our holiday cruise down to Bath!

The only boats that are on the move are hire boats - poor things have schedules to keep.

We had a great evening with Mike and Sally Ann (Cornwall by the Sea blog and MX-5 car enthusiasts). They have just bought a boat in Norfolk and are on their way to photograph it and decide what needs doing. Like we were, they are excited to be boat owners!

John went "back to school" this morning as Mike had kindly offered to teach John how to splice a rope. So by the time I got home he had managed to splice a loop onto each of our ropes used for our mooring hooks and also on each end of our new long bow rope! He now has pink, painful fingers! Ahh.. - but a job well done thanks to Mike's excellent tuition!

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