Monday, July 28, 2008

The last of the old format blogs - for a few years!

Yesterday like most of you we fried under the sun - the warmest day so far I think. We decided to go for a "burble" on the canal - as our neighbour Dave on Nb Summer calls it.

So about three we winded at Pewsey winding hole and headed towards Wootton Rivers. This way there is the most shade on the canal. We tootled along, passing a few moored boats. There were some lovely reflections and the banks are full of wild flowers.

At Wootton Rivers winding hole this boat impeded out winding! However we managed it despite getting a few brambles on the front button

After winding we moored up for dinner. It was a lovely quiet spot, until - Here you will have to go to our new blog for pictures to solve the mystery boat and what disturbed the quiet! click here and then RSS feed or whatever to get to the new blog on a regular basis!

Only joking Andy - great to see you and to add your photo to our record of "Bloggers spotted" - another album to be uploaded to our gallery when we get time. The K & A in two weeks is a tall order, sometimes it pays to take it more slowly! We are amazed by your energy

We then had a quiet "burble" back to Pewsey, much cooler in the evening air.

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