Friday, July 11, 2008

Sells Green To Seend

1.14 miles, 1h27m, Locks:3 Bridges:3, Average speed: 2.85 lock/mph

We both woke early this morning so were able to get going earlier - well earlier than normal for us, i.e 9am!

Well first we went backwards - a couple of boats lengths to the water point! Once filled up we set off to the swing bridge. I made a complete hash of the steering - my brain has not been in gear all day - so John took over and continued as we went down the Seend flight.

Some of the paddles are hard in this flight so at lock 20 I got on the boat and John continued with this one and 19!

The canal bank is well protected in the pound between locks 20 and 19!

It stayed dry all the way - even a bit of sunshine! We moored up opposite the Barge Inn below lock 19. There were only a few boats here then.

After lunch John walked back to Sells Green (in the pouring rain) on the towpath to get the car and go shopping. My jobs on the boat were cleaning and baking a cake!

About 4 we drove up to the Three Magpies again for a couple of drinks with Jon (Bath Narrowboats) and his family and James who also has a BN narrowboat - Nb Salix Alba, moored just below the next lock.

We are now relaxing after a meal and have a few more things to do before our friends join us later this evening. There are no moorings left in the pound, it is a very popular spot because of the pub! It is a very pleasant, dry evening!

Richard (Bath Narrowboats) emailed to say that the River Avon is flowing very fast and may be closed to navigation so it looks as if we will not get down there. We cannot get stuck on the river as it is rather a long way for me to get to work!

So we will just take our time, and enjoy the canal!

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