Saturday, July 26, 2008

Believe It Or Not

It's crop circle season!

Driving home from Devizes a couple of times this week I have been puzzled by cars parked, almost haphazardly by the road side. Not just one or tw0 but 10 - 20! The most obvious place was Alton Priors, a gorgeous small village near Honey Street and adjoining Alton Barnes.

Yesterday I twigged it - a crop circle! The countryside is at it's ripest, golden fields full of grain, green rolling hills, that special light that precedes the onset of autumn and warm sunny days that linger into the late evening. Bliss!

Yes I know - August is nearly here and we are three quarters of the way through the year. I love autumn despite it's successor winter. However autumn seems to stretch into November and often we have cruised in really warm weather.

So back to the phenomena of crop circles. Whether you believe that they are extra terrestrial, man made or highly spiritual they are fascinating. Wiltshire abounds in them! We spotted one from the canal last year, possible in roughly the same area as the one at Alton Priors.

The above appeared in a wheat field on July 22nd and I first spotted the cars on my way home on Wednesday - visitors trekking over the fields to find it. You can spot them on this close up of one of the circles (C) Lucy Pringle.

They have a strange beauty, a real work of art and deserve to be appreciated whatever your beliefs.

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