Monday, July 14, 2008

The Flag We Fly On Epiphany

Someone has asked what our flag is - via an anon comment. We do not publish anon comments but I can answer the question here!

Our flag on Epiphany and the one we use on our website is a Cornish Ensign. The White cross on a black background is the flag of St Piran said to represent the tin (as mined in Cornwall) against the black ore.

St Piran is a Celtic saint and he is commemorated each year on 5th March and during that week in many events in Cornwall. It is said he landed at Perranporth, near Newquay when he arrived from Ireland. There an Oratory was built in his name. Over the years it became covered in sand and has become known as "the lost Church".

The reason we fly the flag? John is Cornish, he was brought up in Cornwall. His mother was a Cocking and comes from a long line of the family from St Ives, Cornwall. Many of the men have been involved in fishing and to this day there are Cockings involved in the Lifeboat there. On our website we have a family tree section and there is a search facility that will bring up Cocking.

We have spent the majority of our married life in Cornwall as as I was married to a Cornishman I was just about accepted! I think of Cornwall as my adopted homeland as it is the place that I have lived the longest. Our son, Craig is also very proud to have been in Cornwall and as he has a Cornish birth certificate regards himself as Cornish too!

Over the years we have also found the name Cocking in other places - most recently in Market Lavington, Wiltshire and previously near where we lived on the South coast of Cornwall!

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