Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seend to Bradford on Avon and Avoncliffe

8.02 miles, 4h20m, Locks:5 Bridges:15 Average speed:3.00 lock/mph

Our friends arrived quite late on Friday evening so after a good nights sleep we set off towards Bradford on Avon. The weather was kind and although there was a bit of a breeze it was not cold and we even had some sunny periods!

Not long after we left Send Bottom Lock behind we spotted Nb Salix Alpha coming towards us. Salix Alba was moored below the lock too so I managed to get a photo with Epiphany as the "sandwich" between them - 3 Bath Narrowboats boats together on the canal, a unique opportunity!

Caught , photographic proof - yes, we do carry our stern rope on our tiller pin! For convenience, safety and ease of use!

We passed through the swing bridges - I rather liked this adaptation of a disused bridge into a pleasant garden.

We joined another boat for Semington lock and Buckley's lock. At Buckley's lock we waited for a day boat to enter the lock with a Hen Party aboard. They did not really know what they were doing and I had to stop them reopening the bottom paddles and explain the principle of locking up. They were gently taught how to fill the lock by our crew and fellow boater! Frankly some of them looked terrified!

It was a busy scene when we arrived at Bradford lock and we waited whilst two boats came up. As usual there were plenty of gongoozlers!

It was not much longer before we arrived at Avoncliffe and moored up.

We decided to go for a wander to take some photos of the aqueduct and its surroundings. We booked into the Cross Guns pub for our evening meal too. When we returned to the boat I spotted a notice, not very obvious, that showed we were moored on Permit Holders moorings.

Fortunately by then there was space on the 24 hour visitor moorings so we moved up! We all really enjoyed an excellent meal at the Cross Guns pub and would recommend the food, service and ambiance very highly.

I have a number of photos of Avoncliffe, the aqueduct and surroundings. I may do another blog with a selection on later but -

We are in process of adding all our photos to our new gallery on our website, please be patient with us as the plan is to move the blog, link all the photos and also map them. You will see our tests here and it will not be long - hopefully in the next few days when things change. We will let you know and put a permanent link to the new locations on blog spot!

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