Thursday, July 03, 2008

Devizes Here We Come

Tuesday: 0.2 miles Elapsed time: 25 m; Locks:1; 2.88 lmph;

0.75 miles Elapsed time:1h24m52s Locks:5 Bridges:0; 4.06 lmph

15.45 miles Elapsed time:7h36m54s Locks:4 Bridges:32; 2.55 lmph

Well strictly speaking until this evening - here John comes on Epiphany! No I have not jumped ship - only during the day! Work has been horrendous and I have been too tired to even think about starting up my laptop!

As those of you who either check our website or Water Explorer to see where we are and what we have done will know we are moored at The Bridge Inn, Horton. This is on the outskirts of Devizes.

John has singled handed the boat for the last two days. On Tuesday we moved Epiphany from below lock 60 to above to get water and moored there for the night. At the moment the water point on the off side is very difficult to access as the boat could not get right in and the vegetation there is really overgrown - not to be recommended! Particularly when a wide boat decided to barge (!) into the lock before we had a chance to clear it - doh!

So off I went to work on Wednesday morning only to get a text later "going up Crofton locks". Much later another one "moored at Wolfhall Bridge"; this is just after the top lock. John gave me directions and by dint of a little local knowledge, a road map and the canal map I found the farm track that gave access and a little parking!

Almost as soon as I was home a guy arrived to say that there was a dry pound in the flight and he would have to let some water down. Someone had left the top paddles open as well as one bottom paddle (the locks on the flight all have to be left empty). So we had a listing evening with drawers etc. open and doors unable to close! Fortunately the electric pumps were functioning and the water eventually rose to level us off!

So this morning I left for work not quite knowing where I would spend the night! Our mobiles then proceeded to go on the blink. I could hear John but he could not hear me. We could exchange texts and messages though. Bizarre.

However thanks to the new feature on our website I could track his journey! Have a look! (follow the drop down link on nb Epiphany button). At end of the day I could see he was approaching Bishops Cannings swing bridge so tried to ring him - all was working and John planned to moor here! It all worked a treat. I think we deserve a drink which we will indulge in soon!

Tomorrow we will make Devizes and then hopefully Caen top lock and be ready to go down the flight on Saturday possibly passing Nb Petroc on the way if we leave early enough! I think we will manage to meet at a pub on Friday evening!

We are playing with another way of uploading pictures to our blog along with a new blog on our website so photos tomorrow I hope!

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