Thursday, July 10, 2008

Off We Go Again!

I am on holiday! This means we can dispense with the car - park it somewhere secure and pull the pins for 9-10 days.

Moored near the water point at Sells Green ready for tomorrow

So the plan is - water up tomorrow morning, move down 2 swing bridges and 3 locks to Seend and wait for John and Carolyn to join us for the weekend. Whilst we wait - a food shop and a boat clean!

John has been busy today. He fitted our new battery, this replaces the one that had a dud cell (replaced under warranty), so now we can be "fully charged"! He also finished varnishing the new sliders that enable us to lengthen and shorten the fender ropes, fitted the ropes, sliders and new fenders together and put them on the roof. We now have our full quota of fenders again plus a spare.

Fender slider

Whilst he had the varnish out he re varnished our star and put it back on the cratch and also varnished the bit of the cratch that had worn badly! Also we can now hang the flag in the stern cabin beside the tiller on newly varnished rests!

Flag and Tiller in stern cabin

So now we look a bit smarter - only the red rails to go and a wee bit of touching up elsewhere. However we have to wait for summer to arrive and a bit of settled weather for that! I suppose we can live in hope.

The forecast for the weekend is not too bad and after that it looks as if it may warm up and become more settled. Hopeful?!

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