Friday, July 18, 2008

Steaming Away

Once again I find myself having to do a catch up blog! Yesterday and today we cruised, more of that later.

Wednesday we had a brilliant day. It was a "transport day" by which I mean we moved by other means than water!

We caught the bus into Bath - one of the bendy orange ones! At the station we caught a steam train to Bristol. It was a Steam Dreams trip - the train started at Victoria and terminated at Bristol (then return). Luckily for us it stopped at Bath. It was really great to be on the main line hauled by Bittern. The carriage we were in was familiar - a slam door 1960s buffet car! There will be an album full of photos of our trip as soon as I can upload it to the gallery on our web site for you fellow steam buffs!

Here are a couple to whet your appetite!

We caught a bus in Bristol to the Broadmead shopping area - not recommended at the moment as it is a building site due to be finished in the next year or so. However we were able to shop in Debenhams and managed to get John two pairs of jeans and a new shirt in the sale!

After that we wandered down to the riverside and found a bar to have a coffee and a hot fudge sundae (and 2 spoons!)

So it was a shortish walk back to Temple Meads station to wait for Bittern for the return trip! Oh the lovely sound of a steam train hoot and the sound of a steam train approaching!

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