Monday, July 07, 2008

Still At Sells Green

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Our quick drink at The Three Magpies turned into a couple of hours listening to some live entertainment. We had agreed to meet up with Geoff and Gill (nb Petroc) for a drink there and as we sauntered from the canal I commented that they usually have live music on a Saturday evening - it can vary in quality and is not always to our taste. However this time it was 60s music and we really enjoyed the first half of his "show".

Sunday morning we drove up to the church at Seend - on Geoff and Gill's recommendation, they went too! The church is lovely - we felt very at home there and the woman vicar had some very pertinent things to say in her short but punchy sermon. We do not have any problem with women priests!

The weather was foul though and after a really good lunch at The Barge we enjoyed an afternoon in with the tennis (well, evening really - what a match!) and a "high tea" of home made scones, jam and Cornish cream!

Monday was a wet day, but as I had to go to work apart from the walk to the car from our mooring I was not too fussed about the weather! The afternoon cheered up and Nb Petroc moved off towards Caen Hill. We will miss them! Our mooring was a little difficult apart from being a good walk to the car the movement of the water in the pound as boats went down the lock towards Seend left us aground! With my slightly iffy back a listing boat was not a good idea - it recreated what the problem was from years ago - one hip higher than the other!

Anyway the weather today has been better and even some sunshine. So about lunch time John moved the boat to the water point to fill up and then moved along a bit to moor. We have a new battery in the car and need to empty the elsan so now not only is the walk shorter, there is no list but the heavy jobs can be done a little easier. As I drove home this afternoon I spotted Nb Petroc at the Black Horse nearly at the top of the Devizes flight - Gill was taking a photo, I hope I didn't make you jump when I tooted.

Hopefully my back will now clear up in time for the weekend when our friends John and Carolyn join us for the beginning of our cruise down to Bath.

This evening we are meeting up with Mike and Sally Ann (Cornwall by the sea) as they are passing through and will be in their van just over the hedge in the Caravan Club site! It really is nice to meet up with friends both those on the canal and those who come to visit. We have really enjoyed doing this recently!

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  1. I didn't hear you hoot!!!
    Weare still by the blackhorse!!


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