Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The End Of A Wonderful Cruise

My apologies dear blog readers - I may have left you in suspense! The last time I blogged we were moored above Manifold lock!

The only excuse is that I have gone back to work and there has been so much to do in the evening on my return that I haven't caught up! Life does rather get in the way sometimes!

On Monday I left John and the crew to bring the boat up to Pewsey. Only 3 locks and 2 swing bridges! Chicken feed after the last few days. Unfortunately for me it was the best weather all cruise. Still Angela and Kate really enjoyed the day as they kindly re assured me in the evening over a good meal and a few drinks! I think we have a couple of canal converts although I did warn them that the weather makes a big difference!

We said goodbye to the crew on Tuesday morning and since then have been here at Pewsey. The weather is sultry to say the least and as I write every thing that can be opened to the "outside world" is open and as many people as possible are outside off their boats. I am almost tempted to sleep with the rear hatch open for some cool air tonight. - Almost! It got quite cool last night eventually.

So we have had a wonderful few weeks moving down to Bath and back. Our "hot" news is that as from the end of August we will become "continuous cruisers" as we "pull the pins" and really start to explore the system, old pastures and new! My notice has gone in at work and we hope to be off the K & A by early September.

All the "tech" will hopefully be up and running so you can follow us on our journey through our website. So keep a look out for us and give us a wave, shout or stop and chat!

37 days and counting down


  1. Great to see you will be joining the elite club at the end of August. Hope to catch up again sometime.

  2. Fiona you must be soooo excited! We look forward to seeing Epiphany out and about in the autumn -
    NB Caxton

  3. Thanks - it will be good to "catch up" with old and meet new friends as we travel. Much as we have enjoyed the K & A it is time for new pastures!


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