Friday, July 18, 2008

Sydney Wharf To Avoncliffe

6.54 miles, 2h52m, Locks:0, Bridges:12, 2.28 lock/mph

A slow journey today as there were quite a few boats moored. We left at a reasonable time and were not in a rush anyway. We passed the entrance to Sydney Gardens from the canal.

We have seen this boat here before - is this a defence against other boats or keeping it together? Last time he had a raft behind full of wood too!

Bathampton swing bridge has water and an elsan point which means that boats have to moor on the lock landing, but there was plenty of room before this to let me off.

Dundas basin was busy and a lot of boats moored before hand, but afterwards we had a long stretch without moored boats and this is where we met the restaurant boat - passing easily for a change!

When we got to Avoncliffe there was no room on the visitor moorings but we were able to moor beyond them again and reversed back later when someone moved. We met up with Richard, JB and Lisa from Bath Narrowboats for a meal at the Cross Guns pub - superb food again. A great evening, but slightly sad as we probably will not be down this way again for quite a while!

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